About Carly

carly good 3 crop (1)Carly Kalish, MSW, RSW, Individual & Family Therapist, East Metro Youth Services, Chair of the Human Trafficking Intervention Prevention Strategy (H.I.P.S.) Toronto

Carly Kalish is a social worker, trauma counselling innovator, and tireless advocate for sex workers and survivors of domestic human sex trafficking. Carly has personally touched the lives of many youth involved in the sex trade.

Carly’s pioneering work has taken her to Africa where she spearheaded HIV prevention and literacy programs in a brothel in Ghana. She has worked variously at African Hope Foundation, Anita Sofia Clinic, the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center in New York City, and All Saints Community Centre in Toronto before her tenure at East Metro Youth Services (EMYS).

EMYS became the Ministry of Children and Youth Services Lead Agency for infant, child and youth mental health in the Toronto region in 2015.  Today, Carly drives EMYS’ gender based violence and human trafficking programs.

Carly  connects youth aged 12 to 29 years with lived experience in sex work and domestic human trafficking to a range of emotional, therapeutic, and social service supports. As a result of Carly’s efforts, EMYS has trained over 1,500 service providers including law enforcement, teachers and social workers over the past several years.


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